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7 tips and tricks for better sleep

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The best part of the day is when it ends and you lie down peacefully under the blanket...but you still have to fall asleep! Do you too sometimes have trouble falling asleep? Anxiety, consumption of stimulants such as coffee, staggered working hours... the causes of insomnia can be diverse. Don't worry, it's not inevitable, here are some ideas to help you get to sleep more quickly:

1. Drink an infusion

Using plants is a 100% natural remedy that guarantees a peaceful night! Between hawthorn, orange tree, camomile, valerian, verbena or even have a wide choice! It's up to you to try them and concoct your perfect blend.

Did you know that? According to Greek mythology, the poppy is the symbol of the god Morpheus. He used to touch with a poppy all those he wanted to put to sleep.

2. Take a bath

What could be better than a hot bath after a hard day's work? Relaxation and plenty of bubbles will soothe you. Do you know Whatmatters? It is a brand of products made in France and certified organic. Its shower gel or shampoo will guarantee soft and fragrant skin for sure.

3. Cutting off from electronic devices

Do you have a habit of using your phone, tablet or TV before sleeping? It's time to act! These devices produce blue light that stimulates your body. This results in a decrease in your melatonin production and therefore your sleep hormone. We advise you to cut yourself off from this electronic world and open the pages of a good book... a soothing night guaranteed!

4. Practice meditation

Is your brain in turmoil every night and you can't get to sleep because of this flood of thoughts? Practicing a relaxing activity like meditation will help you calm your mind, so don't hesitate to use guided meditation tracks. It's time to get started!

5. Listening to a story lunii

Do your children not want to sleep? Is it always the same thing every night? Don't worry, we have the solution for you... With the lunii story factory, children will be delighted to go to bed! In addition to having 48 stories to compose yourself, this device is without wave or screen...not bad, no ?

6. Choosing quality bed linen

It's been a tough've been running non-stop? There's nothing better than relaxing in bed with soft, comfortable sheets. A demain bed linen is a French brand offering quality and durable products...why not try them? Plus, you can test it at Bain de Forêt!

7. Invest in a comfortable mattress

A mattress is good, but a Kipli mattress is even better! At Bain de forêt, we've thought of's a French brand, offering natural and biodegradable products. In addition to sleeping comfortably, you think about the planet and that is not negligible! Enough to change your mattress, don't you think?

By Lola

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