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The story of
Bain de Forêt

Who are we ?

We have been looking for THE magical place for years to make our dream come true: to create unusual wooden cabins in a forest. The basic idea is to create an authentic place, where nature and calm reign supreme.

After 10 years of urban life and intensive research, we are ready to welcome you to Hardelot! A seaside resort renowned for nature and family .

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Far from the large estates of 15 cabins, or glamping, the 2 lodges extend over a property of 1 hectare, and is located behind our house. You will be in peace, in your cocoon.

The accommodations are unique. They were designed for Bain de forêt and are not standardized. This is also what makes the charm of these unusual accommodations.

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Bain de forêt ?

To us, taking a "forest bath" means 2 things: recharging your batteries thanks to the magic of the trees and relaxing in a Nordic bath in the forest.

The benefits of trees


Relaxation by approaching trees is called sylvotherapy. It is a therapy which consists in hugging the trees.

As a result, some people manage to reduce their stress, blood pressure or even cortisol levels.

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The benefits of Nordic baths


Finnish spas, Swedish baths or Nordic baths are wooden spas, heated to 40 ° and placed outdoor.


As with jacuzzis and saunas, many psychic benefits can be seen after using them. The advantage of this type of bath is indeed, the immersion with nature and the contact with the  wood.

Here are the benefits you can experience after a Scandinavian bathing session :


1. Muscle relaxation

2. Elimination of toxins

3. Relaxation of the mind

4. Reconnection with oneself and with others

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