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Each person, each company we work with has been chosen with great care.

There is a story behind each of these partnerships.

logo sylvain clerc.png

Sylvain Clerc and


Sylvain Clerc is the designer of our lodges. It was with him that it all started. a brief, some ideas and the design magic worked!

Sylvain works with Acroterre, our manufacturer. A SCOP located in the Oise 2 hours from here. They arrived with the wooden structures, pre-created in the workshop and installed on site.

This partnership allowed us to file our building permit and embark on this adventure.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

logo UBO.png


One day, we discovered Coucoo Grands Chênes in Raray. We were seduced by these Nordic baths which smelt wood. The experience was perfect. When we had to choose a Nordic bath supplier, UBO seemed obvious to us. Its ultra-efficient filtration system allows us to be serene. We know that the water will be clean, and that the system will not fail us after a year.

Vue paysage piscine
logo a demain.png

See you tomorrow

This French household linen brand, based in the North, was created in 2018 by the family group Vanderschooten (multibrand French linen group located in Nieppe and for which Juliette worked). Therefore , it was obvious to create a partnership with this brand committed to local production. Quality French linen awaits you in the lodges.

logo kipli.png


We wanted to proceed differently for the choice of bedding. Our goal was to offer the most comfortable and durable offer possible. We discovered the French brand Kipli, which has succeeded in creating a 100% natural and biodegradable mattress. The wood used is durable and environmentally friendly. In short, it's a bed that's good for the planet and good for your health.

Vue paysage piscine

See you tomorrow

Freelance graphic designer, she is super creative and attentive, she immediately understood our needs and created our graphic charter and stuck to the spirit of "Bain de forêt".

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