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10 unmissable beaches near Hardelot

If you like seaside holidays, the Opal Coast is full of magnificent beaches where you can spend your holiday with your feet in the water. So let's take a look at our selection of the prettiest beaches on the coast:

1 .The beach at Hardelot

While we' re on the subject of Hardelot, let's start with this one! The beach in this town is undoubtedly one of the prettiest in our beautiful region. Its seafront stretches for more than 8 km and offers you a breathtaking view, consisting of dunes and a wide stretch of fine sand.

To the north, you can see the cliffs of Equihen plage, and to the south, on the side of Dannes, magnificent wild landscapes are offered to you.

This seaside resort has the particularity of having both a beach for sunbathing and reading at the water's edge. But also vast forests for hiking! You will find beautiful villas on Place Louis Marie Cordonnier, behind the seafront.

In addition to offering a wide range of activities, this resort is surrounded by protected sites and has the "family plus" label. There is something for everyone, ideal for family holidays! The little extra, animations for children are open all summer via FUN HOUSE, we invite you to discover the activities. Not bad for keeping the kids busy!

2. The beach of Equihen Plage

Now let's set sail for the small seaside resort of Equihen-Plage, which has a long sandy beach with natural charm.

It should be noted that in Equihen-Plage, there is something for everyone! Swimmers be in their element and surfing or bodyboarding lovers will be delighted! Moreover, if you want to learn how to surf, we recommend the ESN (Ecole de surf du Nord), where you will find a warm atmosphere and good mood! Finally, breathtaking landscapes will be offered to you, between cliffs, dunes, creeks or the famous “quilles en l’air”, you will be amazed for sure!

3.The beach of Boulogne sur mer

You surely know Nausicaa, one of the biggest public aquariums in Europe...It is located in Boulogne! Yes, this city is the first fishing port of France but not only, there is a fine sandy beach, ideal for a seaside holiday!

This beach will be perfect for a family holiday as there are playgrounds for the youngest and sports activities for a special moment together. In addition to offering a range of leisure activities, the town rents out beautiful blue and white cabins as well as deckchairs... A comfortable day out guaranteed, right? However, if you prefer to stroll along the water's edge, we recommend the General San Martin promenade.

4. Le Touquet beach

Who doesn't know Le Touquet-Paris-Plage? Indeed, it is one of the most famous resorts in the Nord Pas de Calais. Located south of Boulogne-sur-Mer, its beach is made up of sand and dunes that stretch over 12 km.

A stroll along the esplanade of Le Touquet also gives you the opportunity to discover the largest water park in the north of France, Aqualud, ideal for the whole family. Or it is also the opportunity to go to the thalassotherapy centre on the seafront, for a moment of well-being and relaxation. Finally, there are also activities for your children right on the beach, including the OJEM clubs. Between trampolines and bouncy castles, your children will not be bored for a single second and you will be able to enjoy your day in complete serenity.

5. Wimereux beach

Does the mussel festival ring a bell? Tastings, animations and parades? It's in Wimereux so don't miss this event if you come to the coast this summer!

Do you prefer fine sand or shingle? In Wimereux, you have the choice! You will discover a vast beach surrounded by numerous cabins and villas dating from 1900. Moreover, you will not know which way to turn, between seascapes and architectural beauties, you will have no choice but to come back several times to contemplate all this wealth. On top of that, you can practice catamaran or dinghy sailing... Isn't life beautiful?

6. The beach of Escalles

Located in the commune of Escalles, this beach is made up of fine sand and shingle. It also has high cliffs, including the famous Cap Blanc Nez. This beach offers a real authenticity to the tourists who wish to go there. Moreover, we can say that it is the perfect holiday destination!

If you are a fan of calm and unadorned beaches, this is the beach for you. You can relax or read a book, all lulled by the sound of the waves. For walking lovers, Escalles has a large number of hiking trails, including the GR20, where you can admire the most beautiful natural landscapes.

7. The beach of Berck

If I tell you about Berck, you certainly think of the international kite festival! This seaside resort, which is very well known for this event, has a 12 km stretch of fine sand and natural dunes that cover 304 ha.

The esplanade Parmentier of Berck is the ideal place to admire the beauty of this beach filled with pastel-coloured cabins. We advise you to go there at sunset to enjoy an ice cream with the famous Cornet d'Amour. The wind is very present in this station, Berck is the perfect place to practice its emblematic sport, the sand yacht or to fly a kite! With the "Family Plus" label, you will find a large number of activities for young and old visitors alike! From Ferris wheels, carousels and trampolines to bowling at the Sunset leisure complex, the choice is yours!

And don't forget to go and see the seals and sea calves, Berck is the ideal spot!

8. The beach of Ambleteuse

Located at the mouth of the Slack, the beach of Ambleteuse is made up of shingle or fine sand depending on the tides. You will discover a wild and totally preserved coastline with not many facilities.

This beach is the perfect place to bask in the sun, have a picnic or go for a dip. For families with children, buckets, spades, balloons and other activities are to be anticipated! For those who love history and walking, we suggest you go and discover the Fort d'Ambleteuse, situated on the seafront and classified as a historical monument. On stormy days, it is a real spectacle, not to be missed! Finally, if you like hiking, you will be delighted to discover la boucle de la Slack, perfect for a family walk: dunes, beaches, breathtaking landscapes!

9. The beach of Wissant

Looking for authenticity? This is the place to be! Wissant has a 12 kilometre long beach of fine sand. In addition to being immense, it is ideally located between the Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez!

Famous for its flobart festival at the end of August, this event aims to honour all the tradition that the town continues to keep and that it wishes to pass on to the tourists who visit. Indeed, you can discover the charm of traditional houses, vintage shops and wild nature. For sportsmen, windsurfing and other activities are also available... It's time to take a breath of fresh air.

10. The beach of Calais

Finally, Calais and its famous dragon, a festive city with many bars and restaurants, but not only because we find a vast beach of fine sand. It is made up of an esplanade which extends to the Cap Blanc-Nez.

The beach of Calais is the perfect spot to learn windsurfing or kitesurfing and will delight thrill-seekers. Children can enjoy the playgrounds. For those who love to relax, the beach has a number of resting places and finally, for walkers, we recommend la jetée promenade where you may be lucky enough to see ferries heading to England! It's safe to say that the whole family will be happy here. To end the day well, the beach is full of beach bars and ice cream vendors... how can you resist?

By Lola

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