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To do with your family

Family offer: the cabin costs € 250 per night + € 20 per additional person, breakfast included, little surprises for the children and a moment of relaxation for the parents!


These activities near the accomodation will allow you to share moments together and strengthen ties.

  • watch the children play games at the Hardelot Kindergarten

  • ride a horse or a poney

  • discover Nausicaa (the largest aquarium in Europe) 

  • have fun at Bagatelle Park

  • Play at the molky game on the beach (available in the cabin)

  • take a Onewheel ride with the children on a path facing the sea

  • stroll on the streets and go to toy stores (La Récrée or L’Attraction)

  • eat a homemade crêpe à la Crêpe dorée

  • enjoy a good meal in these restaurants (Le Kitsch or la Crêpe dorée)

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