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10 family activities to do in the forest

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Do you feel that you are neglecting your family life and want to spend more time with your children during this complicated period? Nothing better than to recharge your batteries in the forest! It's the perfect place to relieve the stress of everyday life while enjoying family time together. So, as well as having a beneficial effect on both physical and psychological health, the forest is a real place of adventure where you won't get bored...Here is our selection of ideas for games to do in the forest for a family outing:

1. A treasure hunt

The forest is a place full of hidden treasures...why not organise a treasure hunt with your children? The idea is to draw up a list of objects to be found in the forest: a bird feather; a pine cone; bark; take a photo of an insect, a bird or a flower... Of course, after these hours of hard work, the little explorers can get a reward as a bonus! Feel free to download our prepared treasure hunt.

2. A focus on the flora

Would you like your children to learn more about the flora? A day of observation awaits you... As the Hardelot forest is made up of a vast biodiversity, what could be better than a family expedition accompanied by a book dedicated to the vegetation? You may be lucky enough to see some of the rarest plant species, such as the burnet rose or the royal fern.

3. A walk in the Ecault forest

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? A short walk in the forest is good for the body as well as the mind. This is the simplest idea, but also the most popular! A simple hike will allow you to renew the bonds between each member of your little tribe.

4. A picking of forest products in autumn

Going for a walk is good, but if you can get something to eat... that's even better! Going for a walk is also an opportunity to bring home a whole bunch of fresh and forest products. Get your baskets! Between hazelnuts, mushrooms, chestnuts or walnuts, you have not finished to treat yourself.

5. Deco ideas

If you are passionate about decorating and manual activities, this idea is made for you. In addition to spending a privileged moment with your family in the middle of nature, the activity does not stop at picking. Collecting pine cones or dead leaves will allow you to create your own decoration and bring a forest spirit to your home. Here are a few ideas to dress up your home...

6. A focus on wildlife

Get your binoculars! Why not spend a day discovering the animals of the forest? The Hardelot pine forest has a remarkable fauna, from tree frogs to black woodpeckers, you will be amazed. In addition, the most courageous will perhaps have the chance to observe the different species of bats...

7. The land art

Do you have a penchant for art? Why not use your talents with the richness of the forest? Land art consists of creating a work of art in an environment by using the materials that make it up. For our forest you can collect flowers, leaves, feathers or branches, you just have to let your imagination run wild... be creative!

8. Hide and seek

What could be better than a forest full of big trees, bushes and therefore multiple hiding places... to play a game of hide and seek with your family? It will be an opportunity for you to discover the various secrets that the forest holds...Shh don't make any noise!

9. Tree climbing in Sainte Cécile, 10 minutes from Hardelot

Your family is a thrill-seeker... So why not go to the forest for a day of tree climbing?! Between zip lines, nets and courses with different levels of difficulty, you're sure to have an adrenalin-filled day! On holiday in Hardelot? You'll find the Opaleaventure park in Camiers (15 minutes away by car)... Don't hesitate to take up the challenge!

10. A night in a cabin

Spending a day in the forest is good...but spending a night there is even better! Staying in cabins in the heart of nature will allow you to live in osmosis with the environment during your holidays. La Cabane has an atypical teepee shape and a private Nordic bath, guaranteeing you a moment of sharing and laughter with your family. Open your eyes and admire the landscape... Marvel at the biodiversity that surrounds this place. You will find this unusual accommodation at Bain de forêt, to book, click here.

By Lola

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